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Just call me Ned
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a person of people. I do what the person does. Whatever the person does of the people of the possible race of humanity acts on or is defined as might be myself. Actions may stray from those of the normal person of the people. Of the sexes provided by the people of the face of Earth known as humanity, I am one that will not be defined by this certain collection of words and symbols. My age determines to be nothing of use at the moment. The actual skills I posses provided by the artistic, seemingly right-brained folk by much of society, as this term of pseudoscience has lured many into it's trap of false thoughts based on certain hemispheres of the brain and blaming those particular aspects on our fickle and inconsistent actions, is viewed on as poor by both myself and other members of the human race. This has been provided purely to tick you off.

Oh and btw, please don't think I'm insane irl. I just try to be funny :)

I don't post all me art here.
No I don't have an Instagram or Tumblr.
This is the only place you can see my art.

If for any reason you want to use my art you can. Anytime, anywhere. Unless there's a watermark ofc.
But I don't do that often so-
But yeah. You don't even have to ask.
It would be nice if you told me tho. At least what you were using my (in my opinion) bad art for.

I'm that guy that tries to be funny even though I fail. And uses "XD" too much.

~~~~~~~.$$$$$$* Post this on your
~~~~~~$$$$$$$" page if you play an

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I don't ship too much. But I like to draw weird/funny shipping art :D



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Lucas Lee~! (OC)
Just practicing some OC work before doing my comic. This has got to be my favorite one though, the gay Chinese Lucas :>
SantaFin Redraw 2017!
A redraw of dis:…

Honestly, I think this is much better-maybe it's more of just a style change but I think this is more the feel I was going for in the original :>
Also I now know how to use CSP (at least a lot better)

Time Taken: 2.5 hours
Program: CSP

Happy Holidays and New Year everyone! It's been an eventful art years for me and here's to many more!
Sorry for not posting.
Heere a Veronica.

I am kinda proud since I did this in only 50 mins and only as a doodle since my internet went out.
Ok look I made a gay animatic (Jeremy x Michael):
Read desc. for info! 

Spots are needed!

(Not mine, just trying to spread the word (with full permission of the organizer)!
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SO. I know I've been back and forth on requests. 

Let me just say, the system wasn't working. So I've devised a new one I think that will.

Yes, it's a tumblr link. No, you don't have to ask on tumblr (though it's preferred if you do). You can just request here.

Please read the rules below!:…

I think this will work out better, now happy requesting! :>
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I'M BAAACCCCCKKK. Was anyone actually missing me pfft.

Anyway, first off. Tumblr.


So if you're genuinely interested in keeping up with me and all the stuff I draw, this is your best option.

Here it is:


Now what will I be doing on this account?

This may upset people. (I know this will upset people), but I won't be commenting a lot. Almost none.

Not because I don't care, but because I can't keep up, especially with the multitude of daily posters I follow.

I will be more hesitant on making new friends. I know how some friendships on here didn't get, well, not ugly, just nonexistent almost. And you're probably not one of them if you're reading this because you cared enough to read this journal :>


I won't be posting as much here, just random pieces I think you'll enjoy. (ONCE AGAIN IF YOU WANT TO FOLLOW MY ART ALL OF IT GO TO MY TUMBLR.)

I understand not everyone will be on tumblr, so I'll be here for their sake.

Also if you want me to know something or if you want to chat/have a convo, please note or comment to me, as I won't be checking replies as much.

So, I'll be active, just sparse and less involved. I like to think that's better than not at all? This summer has taught me some things. 

Feel free to scream at me or be happy for me in the comments I guess? :'>

Oh and I'm starting off with a clean slate, deleting all notifications. Note or comment anything you want me to see or know :>

Oh, and since I've left, I've become a mega Broadway nerd. So yeah.
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Hello. My name is Elder JAD. AND I AM BACK.
Well I haven't posted in a while.
I decided to come back to DA.
But with some moderations.

I'm going to write a journal about it.

And here's a little piece to show you my growth since I left! It's a bit, huh?

I like how Connor (redhead) came out more than Kevin pfft. Kevin's head is too big and his feet are weird (I tried to fix the head) :')

This is fan art for The Book of Mormon btw. Man have I changed since I left. I'll be sure to write all about it.

To critiquers: This is my first piece posted here in a while! So maybe there's improvement? It is still lazy and rushed though :') 
Honestly, the last update was to give myself a hiatus to see if I needed/wanted to even go back to this site. And I realized I didn't.

I might pop up randomly, but for the most part, I'm gone. 

Just remember, I will be active on my Tumblr:

But that will be my only active social media. I'm cutting down on them to make them more manageable!

I'll see you there, if not, I might see you sometime and somewhere else! 

I'm honestly debating on whether I'll delete my account, but we'll see.

It was fun been there for a year and change, but it's time for me to move on (more details in my last journal).

Bye guys~!
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Before you freak out, no I'm not deactivating. And all my previous contest requests are still in, as well as my friendships and my VOCALOID Collab Pic project.

I've made some great friendships here. But I simply can't be the active one I once was.

I've written this to a friend when discussing activity and I think it can be applied to you all:

"When you word it as "leave you behind" that's when I started to feel bad, man.
I hope you don't see it as that. I did make an announcement that I would be less active recently and my activity in general has been dropping. So can I just clarify that I'm not "leaving you behind" because I've lost interest, I'm simply overwhelmed.

I've dropped many groups and organizations that I've found "useless" (fan groups that I still am watching for some reason) and it sorely hurts, but I realized that with how I'm living my life right now I can't be on the internet as much as I used to be. I simply have too many goals and motivations that I can't spend time on social media anymore. If I try to manage what I want to achieve, what people count on my to do, and my academics, with the stress of constantly being active I might self-combust out of distress. It's really starting to get to me, and I didn't realize until I actually fell physically ill under all the pressure I was giving myself that things had to change. To be mentally weak was one thing, but not even able to DO the work you're stressing out about because you're sick? That's terrible in of itself. So, this isn't really specified directly towards you but I felt that I had to get it out, and this is the only situation where I've seen this statement fit to write. I'm sorry for my rambling but my assignments and performances aren't going as smoothly as I want them to be, I've lost some physical attributes (half my voice), and I'm getting so mentally weak that I'm crying from the mere music I'm listening to. And this has been a common scene for the past few days.

You're far from the problem. You yourself have done nothing. Life has simply bitten me in the back and I have to sacrifice some things. My activity with you is one of those things. If anything, keep creating everything you want to. Everyday you're getting closer to those goals of yours! You should be proud and don't feel you have to justify your activity because you don't. Honestly, I'm just another user, right? It's not your fault, and maybe not even mine, but the fact is I'm dropping out from the "active team" and unfortunately you're going to have to find some more active people. I do wish you the best of luck in finding new peeps to talk to.

I'm not that one special guy and I'm sorry for that. I've simply not found a way. I guess I'm a "quitter" because instead of trying to handle everything from everyone on here I just sort of dropped everyone to not make anyone feel like there was bias, huh?

Maybe you'll see me fully active again one day."

I'm not leaving for good, but if I'm going to be blunt DA has sort of been a burden the past few months. It's too much to handle, too much interaction and feedback required, and when half of it isn't proving to be useful, why should I continue to utilize a tool that I originally wanted to gain from? I've honestly been doing it for you guys, and while I appreciate your appreciation, it's not possible for me to keep this thing up. I've lost half the passion in my activity here, and giving you something weak as water is not what I want to do. It might seem selfish, and it at least partially is, but I've made a decision that I hope I will benefit from.

It was today, when I was preparing for a performance, messing around with some friends with pieces I've wanted to learn that I realized how much my internet-driven lifestyle was weighing me down. I have things I want to do. Why couldn't I finish all my assignments so I had more time for things I actually wanted to do? Why did it take me so long to make a decision with something that I should have been set on? Why did I feel like I was living half-asleep?

Social media.

Ironically, I got in a conversation with a friend on how I has slowly started to drop some old obsessions. Like how "I haven't watched YouTubers for real in so long" and such. Funny, I had already started this realization all these times back.

Therefore, I'm officially leaving DeviantArt completely for at least a month. No, not forever. A month. Like I said before, I might respond to some comments or something but for the most part...done. However, even when I return as "more active", I'm not going to be majorly involved. I am known for biting off more than I can chew and if I invest myself in more community projects, I'll only be slowly eating away my sanity. I'm going to focus on reinforcing my current relationships and trying not to expand too too much because then I'll have to drop everything like now and somehow collect it and make it alright in the future. 

I'll still be on the internet (how can one not be these days), but with established projects and such.

I'm sorry. I thought I could slip away somewhat discreetly, but obviously people are noticing. So I feel that I have to announce this.

If any of you are really interested I MIGHT be active on Tumblr. A big MIGHT. (

The only reason I'm really upset is because this is the one thing I never wanted to be. An active but at the same time not as "personal" user. I always wanted to be personal with my watchers and feel sociable and hopefully likable, but I overexerted myself and I can't do THAT too.

I'm not trying to hop on the "trend" of being inactive. I just want to reveal what's been eating at me and I've finally gathered the courage to say it.

I know this isn't the time for anime references, but I can't help but feel a bit like Yuuri from Yuri on Ice when he announces to Viktor that he wants to end "this". I...I just feel that this is a similar situation. I'd keep it going but I simply can't. And I want to convince myself it's all for the better, but I know some of my friends here will be upset with me (like Viktor). And I know there will probably be some people who couldn't care less. But it's alright. This is my time, my account, my decision. Everything comes with a price. I just hope I wasn't "ripped-off" with this deal I made with myself.

Until we officially meet again, this is JAD. And I might actually have a life more than the internet now.
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My friends and I are thinking about what is we cosplayed as YOI characters.
I'm Phichit.
End of story.
(I mean I could possible be Yurio too but Phichit is my first choice.)
Phichit (Yuri on Ice)
One of my favorite characters, I really just wanted to draw him. Originally, it was just a scribble, but I made it a little bit more.
Should I paint in this style more?

Time Taken: I wanna say about 1 hour to 1.5
Made in Clip Studio Paint
I don't know why, but I want there to be this popular head cannon or fanfic or comic or something that whenever Yuri takes his glasses off he goes into "Eros Mode". Kinda like this comic:
Oh, sorry for not mentioning this earlier, but I'm going to be very inactive.
I have too many events and projects coming up. In addition to this, I still am a bit sick.

I know this seems like too long, but don't expect complete activity from me until a month forward. See you then-

I might have little bursts of activity, but nothing too crazy.
Read desc. for info! 

Spots are needed!

(Not mine, just trying to spread the word (with full permission of the organizer)!
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